Lunes, Oktubre 1, 2012

Cleaning Solutions for Aluminium Kozijnen Owners

To the Dutch, aluminium frames are known as aluminium kozijnen. These days, these frames are often employed in the construction of buildings and terraces. While they are widely acclaimed for their durability, they do still require a bit of maintenance for the optimum effect.

Aluminium itself is considered quite strong. It also possesses a strength that some other building materials don't. It does not degrade easily.

That does not mean it can go without cleaning forever. The cleaning is quite simple to do and you do not need special chemicals for it. All the items necessary are available at your local grocery.

A regular laundry or dishwashing detergent should be enough to start with. Get some tapwater and put it into a bucket, then add a quarter-cup of detergent. Mix it a little to get it sudsy, and you are good to go.

Most people prefer to spray on the solution to their aluminium kozijn, but not everyone has a spritzer. A nice damp piece of fabric may be used too. A plain rag shall do, so do not bother with fancy rags supposed to be for cleaning and the like.

Get rid of the detergent mixture after you have scrubbed all the frames. You are going to use regular tapwater now. Get another cloth and wash off the suds and grime from the frames.

After the detergent fluid has been washed off entirely, you can move on to drying your frames. You can use another rag for this as long as you do it with suitably firm (but not forceful) swipes. It may help to move the cloth in waving motions or small figure eights instead of just doing it in a linear motion.

Naturally, some stains might be too strong for this mixture to tackle. If it so happens that the detergent and water blend is not enough, one can mix up a better and stronger cleaning fluid. Usually, you can still handle this with stuff found at your local grocery or hardware store.

Household ammonia can be a good cleaning substance. Mix half a cup in about a gallon of H20. And if that still does not work, you can actually rub out most stains with some WD40.

Cleaning your aluminium kozijnen need not be a difficult task, but it is advised that it be a regular one. Maintaining the frames is just part of protecting your investment, you might say. It is far easier to be proud of a home that looks great, and shiny frames contribute a lot to that.

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